Valencia, Spain



DAS Audio may not yet be the biggest name in the audio business, but perhaps that is a reason to consider us… to see who we are, and what we do.

In an era where everyone else is looking and sounding the same;

We enjoy standing out and being different.

Different in our dedication to quality, customer service and acoustic clarity.

There are hundreds of brands in the industry competing for the spotlight. But, we don’t aspire for the spotlight; we aspire to get you there!


We cannot be the best…

Until you are the best!





Since 1971, DAS Audio has designed and manufactured all the components in the systems. It’s part of our DNA and we believe it’s the only way we can guarantee our customers optimum quality and performance of our systems.

Designing and manufacturing all the elements allow us flexibility and precision during the conception process unique in the industry



The transducer is one of the elements that most affect the end performance of a sound system. When developing a transducer, precision makes a difference in terms of reliability and sound fidelity.

In the R&D department we work on the development of transducers with the most innovative tools; Finite Element Analysis, prediction of the linear and non-linear behaviour of loudspeakers, performance analysis in real setups with the application, and so on. Being able to design and to manufacture the transducers gives us the freedom to reach for that final measure that makes all the difference.





“Powered systems are part of our culture.”

It´s the way we ensure sound quality and system reliability. With powered systems, we achieve:

That all systems within a series have the same sound.

Powered systems provide detailed control of the performance and increase reliability through continuous voltage and current monitoring. This allows features like transducer state control.

Increased dynamic range in large systems by having a dedicated amplifier per channel and cabinet.

The latest DSP technologies, such as FIR filter processing, DASaim or remote control and monitoring enable us to take the systems to the highest levels of performance.

Ease of use simplifies inter-company rental.

Similarly, in order to solve and to meet our customers’ needs, when designing passive systems, we always offer the necessary external amplification to achieve the same results both in sound and reliability.




The physical structure goes through different design software and acoustic and resistance tests. We take into account different variables:

Rigidity: To avoid vibrations that can affect the sound definition.

Resistance: The equipment must not only withstand the test of time but also the exposure to external agents such as weather or risks involved in transport.

Usability: The systems must be easy to use and convenient to handle both in transportation and installation.



“Our origin, our passion”

Since 1971 we design and manufacture virtually all the components that form part of the sound systems from our headquarters in Valencia, Spain.